About Us

About Us

Fishermen Representing Fishermen

A little history

The Eastern Fishermen’s Federation was formed in 1979 primarily to provide a voice for the many diverse fish harvester’s organizations throughout the Gulf, Quebec, and Scotia Fundy Regions .

The Eastern Fishermen’s Federation currently represents 22 organizations with a membership of more than 2,100 fish harvesters throughout coastal communities.

The Federation has a staffed office to assist their members  and provide information on current industry issues.

Why belong to the EFF?

  • The EFF provides a ‘parliament’ for fishermen from accross the Maritimes to exchange ideas
    and information on issues affecting their livelihood.
  • Guest speakers at the general meetings each year provide insight on current issues and events.
  • Updates from industry meetings held across the Region.
  • Contacts for government and industry.
  • Background information on industry issues.
  • Meetings in member areas to better understand their respective areas and challenges.